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AppVault Pro (The Original Is Back!) app for iPhone and iPad

4.3 ( 6943 ratings )
Utilities Lifestyle
Developer: Mark Durante
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.64, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 02 Apr 2010
App size: 14.48 Mb

*** HUNDREDS OF APPS IN ONE! *** AppVaults WebApps feature unlocks the power of the embedded JavaScript engine in the iPhone to deliver hundreds of games and utilities on the web, which you can install INTO AppVault all for free. Thats HUNDREDS of apps in one!

In addition to this powerful feature, we provide you with 25 standalone apps pre-installed. And they are HEAVYWEIGHT apps -- they each do the job of 2-4 other lightweight apps!

Dont be fooled by other apps with high app counts. AppVaults well designed apps each compactly do the job of 2-4 other apps. We go for quality over quantity!

Only AppVault allows you to organize your icons as you like by dragging them around (hold your finger on them as you would in the iPhones SpringBoard UI).

This is the best value on the App Store!

- - - - -

* Stunningly beautiful graphics.
* Gorgeous icons.
* The Best Apps on the App Store integrated into 1 package.
* WebApps brings hundreds of additional apps and games to AppVault!
* All apps are premium-implementations -- that is, they are not lacking in features.
* All apps are designed to be quick, easy, and delightful to use.
* Configurable wallpapers: Bundled with 5 beautiful custom-designed wallpapers for within the app itself. Personalize your vaults look!
* Apps icons can be rearranged or deleted (and undeleted!) to your liking -- just like apps in your Springboard launcher!

- - - - -

"Every app I tried in AppVault Pro felt like it was made well. Every one is intuitive, smooth, and pleasing to the eye. They all run like apps you would pay for separately in the app store. . .Overall, AppVault Pro is an extremely useful application, containing plenty of practical, everyday items. Even if you only use three of the twenty-five plus apps, you will save yourself some money."

"I have to say this is a well polished app with some very good content. . .I promise there will be enough apps useful to each user to more than justify the price."

- - - - -

AppVault contains the following apps (that do the job of 60+!):

1) iTunes Alarm Clock. Wake up to any song on your playlist.
2) Battery. Shows you how long youll have to wait for a full charge.
3) Flashlight. Never be in the dark again, or dance to the strobe.
4) Translator. Translate between 53 languages including LOLcats.
5) Unit Converter. Quickly convert units with a stylish interface.
6) Bible. Look up passages or read the verse of the day.
7) Tip Calculator. Quickly determine tips and split checks.
8) Level. Use your device to tell if any surface is balanced or not.
9) Currency Converter. Quickly compare one currency to others.
10) Days Until. Get countdowns to your birthdays and anniversaries.
11) Period Calc. Keep track of your girls or your own monthly cycles. (With password protect).
12) Dice. Roll dice whether they are 6 or 20 sided - great for games.
13) Loan Calc. Learn how much youd save with one extra payment/year.
14) Price Compare. Find out whats cheaper at the grocery store and save.
15) Holidays. Learn about holidays across the world, and silly holidays!.
16) Date Calc. Add days to dates, and find out who you can "date"
17) Ruler. Measure any object with your device.
18) System Info. Learn detailed information about your device.
19) Sale Price. Find out how much youre really saving with a discount.
20) Parking Buddy. Never forget where your car is parked again.
21) Coin Flip. Flip an animated coin, for decision making or fun.
22) iPlasma. Have a lava lamp in your pocket.
23) Dashboard. Quickly view information all in one place.
24) Guitar Tools. Tune your guitar and lookup chords. (4 apps in 1!)
25 - 1,000) Web Apps. HUNDREDS of apps available on using an embedded JavaScript browser on the web!

Latest reviews of AppVault Pro (The Original Is Back!) app for iPhone and iPad

The best all-in-one app
Ive loved this app from the very beggining. All other "all in one" apps fail in comparison to this app.
What Happened???
This app has not been updated since 2010!! The holidays wont go past 2015. I really like this app but I guess the developers have left it to die a slow and lonely death
Easy 5-Star
I hope everyone remember how this one was "illegally" removed. I have been waiting for its return.. and the wait is over! Yay! Buy this and avoid the other one by losers called AppBox Pro.. this is obviously much better!
Superb! Great Graphics! Great App!
I am so glad AppVault Pro is back. When I saw it in the new releases, I had to get it. This is my favorite of the all-in-one apps because its graphics are the cleanest and nicest and its app selection is great and makes sense to me. I was able to delete 6 other apps after getting this, so I saved valuable space on my phone. 25 apps in 1. Great value and the apps are awesome. Great graphics too! Bravo! 5 stars!
Great app!!!
Awesome app. I have appbox pro and this has basically everything plus more. Really like the style of the app and the bible. Its all only gonna get better!
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