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The best all-in-one app

Ive loved this app from the very beggining. All other "all in one" apps fail in comparison to this app.

What Happened???

This app has not been updated since 2010!! The holidays wont go past 2015. I really like this app but I guess the developers have left it to die a slow and lonely death

Easy 5-Star

I hope everyone remember how this one was "illegally" removed. I have been waiting for its return.. and the wait is over! Yay! Buy this and avoid the other one by losers called AppBox Pro.. this is obviously much better!

Superb! Great Graphics! Great App!

I am so glad AppVault Pro is back. When I saw it in the new releases, I had to get it. This is my favorite of the all-in-one apps because its graphics are the cleanest and nicest and its app selection is great and makes sense to me. I was able to delete 6 other apps after getting this, so I saved valuable space on my phone. 25 apps in 1. Great value and the apps are awesome. Great graphics too! Bravo! 5 stars!

Great app!!!

Awesome app. I have appbox pro and this has basically everything plus more. Really like the style of the app and the bible. Its all only gonna get better!

Easy app

This app is user friendly. Currency convert really comes in handy when some items on eBay are in Euro. I also love the parking buddy and sale price app. I would like to the Guitar app to show chord positions for left-handed people. This would be a 5 star app if this feature were added Please consider in next update.


This app infringes and blatantly copied AppBox Pro. It does it poorly, as well. Get the original (and best): APPBOX PRO!

Great app

The periodtrac saved my life.

I love this app.

It has everything I needed in a app. Alarm clock, flashlight, weather, battery levels, holidays, count down, tip cal, discount cal, and more.

Beautiful but needs

Needs a periodic table of the elements and an anagram program that actully produces logical answers (not that yours doesnt, you dont have one) do that and I will give you seven stars

Good job app vault on coming back

And this app has MASSIVE value. Dont buy appzilla (got it, no good) or app genie (same) or really any other app. Each app in app vault is made with superior quality than most standalone apps. This app is amazing. And there is about 70 apps if u include the webapps. Just add few more apps (like a barcode scanner and metal detector and it would be incredible to have a music identifying app too) with the same high quality as the ones you already have and I will complain to apple and have it add a sixth star option! I suggest adding a fully funcional facebook app


Dont buy this app this only has 25 apps!! It sucks

Dont buy!!!

Same thing as appbox pro with only 25 apps.


Best $0.99 ever spent I think. Bought this app for the guitar tuner. Great tool, chord library, real accurate auto tuner, string tuner, metronome. This app alone is worth much more than the price. But most of the other apps are pretty useful too. Great software.

Bahahaha! 

What a waste. Just a clone of App Box Pro. Im suprised App Box Pro didnt get this removed from the store. I think they need to App Box Pro is sooooo much better this is just a bunch of junk apps that are POORLY developed. Seriously think outside of the box dont replicate other companies stuff. If you want to do things the RIGHT way why dont you start by creating something ORIGNAL and stop baggin on other apps. Put that time aside and make this crap better. It is just a clone of APP BOX PRO. Go spend your money there since they are the CREATORS!!! Hmmm when companies copy other companies ideas arent they supposed to make them better? So I need you to answer this question... Why is your app worse than APP BOX PRO? Its like buying a cheap version of the iPhone your company should give up. You guys blowwwwwwwww. Ill save your guys dollar! DO NOT BUY check out APP BOX PRO!!! Which is awesome!



In response to one star reviews

You OBVIOUSLY did not read the description.

This is cool!!!

This app I really like! Im hard to please ( that might be why I have no firends) so it should mean alot to you!

add wallet

Good app, well created. Could use a wallet type app though please.

Crashes now

3gs with 3.1.3 ios

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